Short Shorts

I know I might come off as someone with multiple personalities, but I’d love to add all of these shorts to my wardrobe. Just throw on a white tee & run out the door, I love how summer’s a low maintenance month. Which one’s your style?

// one. / two. / three. /four. //

Weekend Snapshots: Photo Shoot Madness

Here are a few shots from this weekend’s amazing  Nearly Newlywed photo shoot. Jackie outdid herself with curating the dresses, they really are gorgeous. When they are all released – I will be sure to let you know. I had a blast and met a ton of sweet & amazing people – I can’t wait till the next one!

Floral headpieces are by 2H Flowers – more on that later 🙂

Last photo is of me & Lilo – after spending much of the weekend with Tim, she seemed to be playing hard to get last night.