artist crush // julia goodman

Happy Friday! Here’s a little inspiration to get crafty this weekend (I need it!). Meet my new artist crush – Julia Goodman.  In the photos above, Goodman is creating a papyrus solely of beets. Read more about Julia here via In the Make (my new favorite site). I kinda want to just move to California right now, so I can take one of her papermaking workshops.

store crush: aloha from deer

Eek! Long time, no see! Posting will be back to the regular soon, I’ve been too busy watching this. But in the meantime wanted to share with you this rad store Tim found – Aloha from Deer. Fun & quirky printed gear. I’d love a sweatshirt to cozy into.

PS – new little makeover coming to favorable mention. i’m beyond pumped. as soon as i know when it will go live, i will spread the word, xx

happy friday // benny the bum

This week has been flipped upside down that I can’t even believe it’s Friday already (I know, I can’t believe I said that either!), but I’m excited about it! My three brothers, who now live on the west coast, are on their way home this weekend for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Their film, Benny the Bum, will be screening tonight! Here’s the trailer if you’d like to take a peek! PS the cop in the trailer is my dad! Have a good one! xx

Photo by Tim Gibson

Back to the Basics

A few weeks ago, I letterpressed my friend Stephanie’s save the dates for her destination wedding.  I took a letterpress class in the fall, so this was my first real project. Here are some photos from the actual production part, Tim came with me to get a few shots (and to help me calm down during my troubleshooting with the press)!  I rented studio time at The Arm (ps they also run classes & workshops), I highly recommend it!

Stay tuned for the actual save the dates! Steph will be sending me the finished product soon (we collaborated), so I’ll be sharing that with you later 🙂 xx

All photos by Tim Gibson

happy friday // Nearly Newlywed

 Happy June! Happy Friday! For the last month or so, I’ve been helping out at the lovely start up, Nearly Newlywed, an online boutique specializing in “nearly new” wedding dresses. This weekend is the photo shoot for the next collection, I’m beyond excited to help style & setup the shoot with Jackie, but also to see these amazing dresses! Wish us luck & follow NN on twitter or Facebook for some sneak peaks throughout the weekend! xx Have a good one!

image via Hitched Salon

hair envy

I am probably the lowest maintenance hair person in New York City, but for the last month or so I’ve been constantly thinking of ombre hair. It may be (or already is) on it’s way out, but I still love how it looks plus it would be a fun way to do something with my hair without much upkeep – you only have to get it done about twice a year! I think it looks best on brown hair, my hair is a dark, dark brown (on the verge of black). I’m sure I won’t be able to go through with it, I always get too scared of damaging my hair with chemicals but I love how these ladies took the plunge. What do you think – love it or hate it? Would you ever do it?

images found here, here, & here