artist crush // julia goodman

Happy Friday! Here’s a little inspiration to get crafty this weekend (I need it!). Meet my new artist crush – Julia Goodman.  In the photos above, Goodman is creating a papyrus solely of beets. Read more about Julia here via In the Make (my new favorite site). I kinda want to just move to California right now, so I can take one of her papermaking workshops.

a clean, well-lighted place

My life is quickly progressing. I’ve gone from eating at a coffee table for the past 4+ years, to a lovely farm table.  I no longer have to pull out an entire drawer in order to open another one in my dresser. And now I’ve upgraded from lying on bed with my laptop on top of my chest to a bright white, clean workspace. My mom recently picked up this set from Home Depot as a apartment warming gift. Tim put it together on Monday and voila! A place to work, feels so good! I highly recommend it –  it’s sturdy and Martha Stewart.

Bed Envy

How cool would it be to go to sleep every night in sheets like these? I fell in love with Deny Designs sheets.  There’s even an option to make your own sheets with a photo.  Priced at around $199 for a (twin) set – it’s definitely pricey, but if you’re someone like me who only sleeps with a fitted sheet (it always ends up at the end of the bed when I wake up, so I boycott them!) it can be affordable! Above are a few of my favorites!

spring cleaning

Now that taxes are done & the winter jackets are away, I’m ready to get organized. The way our room is set up, our closet is in the living room (I know!) & we are skimping by with one dresser (i get two drawers & Tim gets one 🙂 On top of this, we have a lot of art supplies & miscellaneous items (like shells & matches), so I’d love any or all of these pieces to get organized.

// one. desk organizer. / two. boxes. / three. file cabinet. / four. wall organizer. / five. storage jar. / six. storage trolley. //