fall wishlist #3


Fall is always filled with reconnecting with friends, events & cooler weather. I’ve had the hardest time sorting through my closet, a lot of my things are sleeveless. I’d love to pick up some fall dresses (with sleeves!) to just throw on with some boots. Here’s a few picks:

{clockwise from top left}: one. two. three. four.

a clean, well-lighted place

My life is quickly progressing. I’ve gone from eating at a coffee table for the past 4+ years, to a lovely farm table.  I no longer have to pull out an entire drawer in order to open another one in my dresser. And now I’ve upgraded from lying on bed with my laptop on top of my chest to a bright white, clean workspace. My mom recently picked up this set from Home Depot as a apartment warming gift. Tim put it together on Monday and voila! A place to work, feels so good! I highly recommend it –  it’s sturdy and Martha Stewart.

take 2 and call me in the morning

I kicked off this Monday with a trip to the travel doctor. Now that our trip is pretty much booked, I had to get a few recommended shots & prescriptions. I’ve always hated getting needles, so when the doctor asked if I’d like a shot or a prescription for a few pills instead, I took the pills.

Have you seen these glitter pills floating around Pinterest? Well, you can actually buy them (check out the disclaimer on the site lol). I think all pills should be this pretty.

Blog Bash NYC

This Saturday I had the privilege of attending Blog Bash NYC, a fun meetup for NYC bloggers. It’s always fun to actually meet in person after checking out someone’s blog/commenting. Thrown by Rebecca from A Daily Something & Michelle Edgemont, Blog Bash was full of amazing decor. Here’s a few photos from the event. I wish I got photos of the flowers by True Florette from the event, they were gorgeous.

We received these awesome swag bags from Blog Bash. They were full of such crafty & creative items, I love them all. Rebecca put together adorable mini craft kits. Thanks to all the sponsors – Knot & Bow, Paper and Olives, Tim Gibson Photography, Pink Olive, Doodads & Noodles, M. Wild’s Studio, Brooklyn Slate Company, Curious Creatures, Pins & Needles, Yes Jess, Ravenna Girls, and the list goes on!

PS had to add this photo of Jimmy stealing my Knot & Bow gift tags. 🙂

apartment finds – part one of many

As you may already know, I’m moving! This means I can’t really think about other things besides moving & furniture (which I never really cared about before). We have sold most of the little furniture we had and will be starting fresh which is a lot of fun because there are so many options out there.

The apt layout is one long rectangle with two pairs of french doors. I love how open it is but don’t want to clutter it up, so we are going to wait until we get in there to make some decisions. In the meantime, I’ve been searching for little trinkets and found a ton on Etsy. Here are a few that are at the top of my list.

Clockwise from top left: cups / desk lamp / art print / wall mount

Meet Sherlock

He finally arrived! We sadly said goodbye to Lilo not too long ago and waited patiently for Sherlock. He’s part bengal and is super tiny up close.  He was very shy & skittish at first but after the weekend, he’s started to cuddle & will bother you to play with him. Let the attachment begin!

lilo’s last day

Today’s the day I’ve been dreading for a long time –  Lilo’s last day! We’ve had her for exactly two months today and have definitely grown used to her diva girl attitude – knocking your cell phone off the table, cleaning herself immediately after you pet her when she’s in a bad mood & biting your toes if they’re hanging off the bed.  We’re so sad to see her go, but she is moving to Greenpoint where we hope she’ll be spoiled & happy.

This photo was taken this past weekend during the ombre hair photo shoot. We’ll be fostering #4 soon, so I’ll be sure to post pics of the next little one. xx

Photo by Tim Gibson

new do

A few weeks ago I talked about ombre hair.  I never thought I’d go through with it, but after some encouragement from some of you & friends – I thought, why not? I was referred to a high end salon but after seeing a pricey $300+ price tag I decided to search for a salon on my own. I came across Fox & Jane Salon, the price was more than half the price of the previous salon, they had great reviews, and they’re located a couple blocks away from my apartment.  I was sold. I went in last Tuesday and I honestly love how it came out, most of the people I work with didn’t even notice because it’s pretty subtle. I highly recommend it if anyone is interested – it’s really perfect for summer!

Photo by Tim Gibson

Back to the Basics

A few weeks ago, I letterpressed my friend Stephanie’s save the dates for her destination wedding.  I took a letterpress class in the fall, so this was my first real project. Here are some photos from the actual production part, Tim came with me to get a few shots (and to help me calm down during my troubleshooting with the press)!  I rented studio time at The Arm (ps they also run classes & workshops), I highly recommend it!

Stay tuned for the actual save the dates! Steph will be sending me the finished product soon (we collaborated), so I’ll be sharing that with you later 🙂 xx

All photos by Tim Gibson