a clean, well-lighted place

My life is quickly progressing. I’ve gone from eating at a coffee table for the past 4+ years, to a lovely farm table.  I no longer have to pull out an entire drawer in order to open another one in my dresser. And now I’ve upgraded from lying on bed with my laptop on top of my chest to a bright white, clean workspace. My mom recently picked up this set from Home Depot as a apartment warming gift. Tim put it together on Monday and voila! A place to work, feels so good! I highly recommend it –  it’s sturdy and Martha Stewart.

thrifting finds

Since moving to Brooklyn, Tim and I have been doing a lot of exploring around the neighborhoods. One thing we realized from searching Craigslist for furniture is that Brooklynites tend to have some pretty cool things.

Here are some cool finds I’ve found at little thrift shops & the Brooklyn Flea (I just went for the first time this past Saturday!). And yes, I’m aware that all my finds are very random!

Photos by Tim Gibson