a clean, well-lighted place

My life is quickly progressing. I’ve gone from eating at a coffee table for the past 4+ years, to a lovely farm table.  I no longer have to pull out an entire drawer in order to open another one in my dresser. And now I’ve upgraded from lying on bed with my laptop on top of my chest to a bright white, clean workspace. My mom recently picked up this set from Home Depot as a apartment warming gift. Tim put it together on Monday and voila! A place to work, feels so good! I highly recommend it –  it’s sturdy and Martha Stewart.

Blog Bash NYC

This Saturday I had the privilege of attending Blog Bash NYC, a fun meetup for NYC bloggers. It’s always fun to actually meet in person after checking out someone’s blog/commenting. Thrown by Rebecca from A Daily Something & Michelle Edgemont, Blog Bash was full of amazing decor. Here’s a few photos from the event. I wish I got photos of the flowers by True Florette from the event, they were gorgeous.

We received these awesome swag bags from Blog Bash. They were full of such crafty & creative items, I love them all. Rebecca put together adorable mini craft kits. Thanks to all the sponsors – Knot & Bow, Paper and Olives, Tim Gibson Photography, Pink Olive, Doodads & Noodles, M. Wild’s Studio, Brooklyn Slate Company, Curious Creatures, Pins & Needles, Yes Jess, Ravenna Girls, and the list goes on!

PS had to add this photo of Jimmy stealing my Knot & Bow gift tags. 🙂