the last summer friday.

It’s here, the last summer Friday. I could cry! But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be savoring every last minute. I am off to the beach this weekend to hopefully get rid of my pasty pale skin. Wish us luck because we are bringing Jimmy on the train. Let’s hope he travels just like Lilo. Have a great long weekend, I plan on stargazing, bike riding, watermelon eating,  & barbecuing all weekend.  x

Photo found here.

thrifting finds

Since moving to Brooklyn, Tim and I have been doing a lot of exploring around the neighborhoods. One thing we realized from searching Craigslist for furniture is that Brooklynites tend to have some pretty cool things.

Here are some cool finds I’ve found at little thrift shops & the Brooklyn Flea (I just went for the first time this past Saturday!). And yes, I’m aware that all my finds are very random!

Photos by Tim Gibson

take 2 and call me in the morning

I kicked off this Monday with a trip to the travel doctor. Now that our trip is pretty much booked, I had to get a few recommended shots & prescriptions. I’ve always hated getting needles, so when the doctor asked if I’d like a shot or a prescription for a few pills instead, I took the pills.

Have you seen these glitter pills floating around Pinterest? Well, you can actually buy them (check out the disclaimer on the site lol). I think all pills should be this pretty.

happy weekend!

Happy weekend! I cannot believe this is the last weekend before Labor Day, this summer has flown by and somehow I have failed in getting a tan. What are your weekend plans? I’m planning on making it a very summery weekend – Brooklyn Flea (1st time!), Shake Shack, & margaritas!

Check out this amazing Brooklyn backyard via Modernica. I’d love if our backyard could magically turn into this but I’ll keep my mouth shut since it’s amazing to even have some outdoor space. Hopefully I can plant some flowers / get a tan this weekend! Have a good one! x


Blog Bash NYC

This Saturday I had the privilege of attending Blog Bash NYC, a fun meetup for NYC bloggers. It’s always fun to actually meet in person after checking out someone’s blog/commenting. Thrown by Rebecca from A Daily Something & Michelle Edgemont, Blog Bash was full of amazing decor. Here’s a few photos from the event. I wish I got photos of the flowers by True Florette from the event, they were gorgeous.

We received these awesome swag bags from Blog Bash. They were full of such crafty & creative items, I love them all. Rebecca put together adorable mini craft kits. Thanks to all the sponsors – Knot & Bow, Paper and Olives, Tim Gibson Photography, Pink Olive, Doodads & Noodles, M. Wild’s Studio, Brooklyn Slate Company, Curious Creatures, Pins & Needles, Yes Jess, Ravenna Girls, and the list goes on!

PS had to add this photo of Jimmy stealing my Knot & Bow gift tags. 🙂

fall love: orly genger

I guesstimate that about 80% of the female population in NYC wrists are covered in bracelets (daily!). I love this look but  since I only own 1 ring and 2 necklaces, it’s not gonna happen. I wouldn’t mind adding one of these Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer bracelets to my sad little jewelry collection. They scream fall & I like the bulkiness of them. Available at Need Supply Co.