Happy Friday

Happy Friday! This weekend I hope to get a little sun but really just play catch up! I love summer but with all these weekend trips, I tend to get behind – especially on laundry. Have a good one!

PS – do you follow Nearly Newlywed on Facebook? If not, you should – I’ve been helping run the page and there’s ton of gorgeousness to be seen 🙂 xx

photographer unknown, found via Pinterest

snail mail necessities

I love getting mail, especially pretty mail. I also do love to send mail out, especially when it’s unexpected. Here are some of my “essentials” for sending some snail mail.

// one. washi tapes. (fun to decorate the envelope with/add some color) / two. alphabet stamps. (these are so fun to use, especially when addressing envelopes) / three. address book. (although I still have mine from high school, i’d love to upgrade one of these days) / four. sharpie marker. (it’s always fun to write big/takes away from the formality of writing a card/letter) / five. rifle paper co cards. (these are my favorite cards & i always have a pack stashed away – i’m a huge paper nerd!) //

happy friday // benny the bum

This week has been flipped upside down that I can’t even believe it’s Friday already (I know, I can’t believe I said that either!), but I’m excited about it! My three brothers, who now live on the west coast, are on their way home this weekend for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Their film, Benny the Bum, will be screening tonight! Here’s the trailer if you’d like to take a peek! PS the cop in the trailer is my dad! Have a good one! xx

Photo by Tim Gibson

lilo’s last day

Today’s the day I’ve been dreading for a long time –  Lilo’s last day! We’ve had her for exactly two months today and have definitely grown used to her diva girl attitude – knocking your cell phone off the table, cleaning herself immediately after you pet her when she’s in a bad mood & biting your toes if they’re hanging off the bed.  We’re so sad to see her go, but she is moving to Greenpoint where we hope she’ll be spoiled & happy.

This photo was taken this past weekend during the ombre hair photo shoot. We’ll be fostering #4 soon, so I’ll be sure to post pics of the next little one. xx

Photo by Tim Gibson

new do

A few weeks ago I talked about ombre hair.  I never thought I’d go through with it, but after some encouragement from some of you & friends – I thought, why not? I was referred to a high end salon but after seeing a pricey $300+ price tag I decided to search for a salon on my own. I came across Fox & Jane Salon, the price was more than half the price of the previous salon, they had great reviews, and they’re located a couple blocks away from my apartment.  I was sold. I went in last Tuesday and I honestly love how it came out, most of the people I work with didn’t even notice because it’s pretty subtle. I highly recommend it if anyone is interested – it’s really perfect for summer!

Photo by Tim Gibson