Cat Woman.

If you asked me 10 years, 5 years, 5 months ago if I would ever have a cat – I’d probably say no.  I’m a dog person but it seems 2012 is about the unexpected.  I’ve been dying for a pet lately.  And with the 3 different apartments in less than a year, I’m not sure one can fit into my lifestyle.  So I decided to foster a cat with the blessing of my roommate & boyfriend.  It makes sense right? New York City, small spaces, mice, easy to take care of (fingers crossed!).  So last night, little Maya was dropped off.  She’s a bit shy and very vocal but you can tell she secretly wants to hang out.  I haven’t got a good picture of her yet, but I’ll try to get one tonight.

Above photo is from a 1961 black cat audition for a black cat.

Peter Guttman

Last night, I had the privilege (thanks, Emily!) of attending a slideshow of travel photographer, Peter Guttman.  The event was thrown in his Upper West Side kitschy apartment by Peter, his wife – Lori and son Chase.  They were  definitely the most well traveled family I’ve ever met but also one of the friendliest & happiest families I’ve ever met.  The slideshow included over 1,000 photos with music & sound effects of their past adventures from the year including visits to New Zealand, Costa Rica, Dubai & even Connecticut.  The night was a lot of fun and inspiring – the slideshow started out (26 years ago!) as a way to share his photos with friends and has turned into a yearly event with multiple showings to crowds of over 60 people.  Below are some photos from the night. Thanks Emily for inviting us!
Their apartment is covered with tons of trinkets from their travels including these marionettes & the lion.

The view behind me.

Marionettes & masks.

Peter prepping for the slideshow.