Book Exchange

Chances are you might be running out of gift ideas for your siblings.  My three older brothers and I started to do a Secret Santa a few years ago to add some surprise & also to save some money in general.  This year we have decided to do a book exchange (the great idea came from my oldest brother Paul).  I can’t wait to see what book someone else has picked out for me, plus this will test my gifting skills – it’s a huge challenge to pick out a book for someone else!

P.S. If you are interested in doing a Secret Santa gift exchange, try Elfster.  It’s an easy way to organize a gift exchange, especially if your participants live all over the country.

Above image from Sweet Paul

someone like you

I have been obsessed with this version of Adele’s “Someone Like You” live from her home.  Not only does it sound amazing, but I loved getting a glimpse into her home (which is gorgeous!). Below’s post is inspired by the video.

// item 001 / bookends // item 002 / wooden letter // item 003 / antique mirror // item 004 / watercolor painting // item 005 / bookshelf // item 006 / book // item 007 / ceramic horse // item 008 / glass dome // item 009 / headboard //

sweet friday

This week has been killer with deadlines & long nights, so I am really looking forward to this weekend.  With Thanksgiving in less than a week, I’ve been in such a festive mood -I’ve got holiday parties, Christmas shopping, & snow on my mind.  I will definitely be looking at the Sweet Paul Winter 2011 digital magazine (that just came out this week!) for some creative ideas. Have a good weekend!
image found here

Fifi Lapin

I immediately fell in love with Fifi Lapin. Fifi is by far the most fashionable bunny I’ve seen.  Keep track of Fifi’s outfits via the blog & if you are interested in purchasing anything from the shop – be sure to place your orders before Dec. 1st! 
P.S. would make a perfect gift for a baby girl’s room or a fashionable friend*

* this is my favorite!*

gift guide / part II: your friend who just moved to the coldest city on the east coast & is too busy going to class to buy a thing.

// item 001 headphones // item 002 metamorphic bookends // item 003 beanie // item 004 foo fighters tee (*bonus* add tickets) / item 005 fishscape fish bowl // item 006 shawl collar pull over // item 007 backpack // item 008 bike shelf //
ps happy bday andrew! 

Meet the little babies we babysat this past weekend.
Oscar begging for steak.

Tired out Chloe.

Chloe rug.

And the two’s first meeting. It was not love at first sight.
Gift Guide post coming up tomorrow!