happy halloween

Happy Halloween! Saturday morning we had no costumes and whipped them up in under 2 hours after braving a mini October snowstorm.  Halloween always seems a bit stressful to have a fun costume, but all in all, I think it was a success. Check out everyone’s costumes below! 

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Happy Friday! Wednesday night we carved pumpkins & drank some spiked apple cider. 
Here’s Matt working on his surfer pumpkin.

I still have no idea what Tim & I are being for Halloween, but we’re hoping to figure it out tonight & head to the parade tomorrow Monday! I will be sure to take some photos!

matt bernson

I love reading about what designers/entrepreneurs did in the past to get to where they are now.  Matt Bernson used to work as a construction worker, but now he goes to work daily in his Tribeca studio creating hand crafted, high quality shoes.  Not only are the shoes eco-friendly, they’re elegant and casual – perfect for any occasion.  Shop here. *I love his construction inspired boot.

Manic Monday

This morning I woke up to this:
I waited while 6 trains came by and grumpy people tried to push themselves into an already crowded subway like rats. It felt like this. What a way to start the morning. 

Today I am running around like a crazy person getting ready for Market Week, which just so happens to have mysteriously moved up one week! Happy Monday!
Bottom image found via Pinterest.

happy weekend!

This week began our apartment search. We will once again be moving after a short but sweet sublet.  I found an amazing apartment in Brooklyn that’s available later than we need it, so fingers crossed it’s still available & can somehow work when we go and see it on Sunday! Have a happy fall weekend! 
Above image from Simply Breakfast. A simple blog with delicious food.  After talking Tim down from trying to eat pancakes last night at 12am, I promised to make some this weekend.