710 love.

Last night was my last night in my little Midtown apartment 😦 After a little more than 3 1/2 years I am finally moving! I am so excited to move on, but there’s definitely a lot I will miss. Here’s a few…

The best cookies ever (right around the corner)
Walking to work everyday and seeing random things like this, that make my day.

My roommates! (minus one because he was sleeping!)

grub with us

When living in a big city such as New York City, it’s easy to meet people but it is hard to find a commonality with others and become more than acquaintances.  Grub with us is trying to change that.  Grub with us is giving people a kick in the butt to get out there by pairing eating + socializing.  You can buy a seat at a table (at a great price) and join some strangers for a good meal.  You might not walk out with your best friend but I’m sure there’s great conversation – and you never know who you’ll meet! Check the map to see if your city hosts Grub with us meals, if not – request it!

[ image ]

Talisman Necklaces

Last week, my best friend told me he was looking for “a heart necklace or something like it” for his anniversary with his girlfriend.  I told him I’d help him find something cooler and accepted the challenge.  After checking out various stores, I found these talisman necklaces from pyrrha which are unique and can be worn every day.  They are also made from 19th century wax seals and each seal features an insignia with a different meaning.

  The crown symbolizes serenity, protection and accomplishment.
The fox represents someone who will use their wit & wisdom in their defense.
A horseshoe are hung to protect & bring good luck. *my favorite.

made with love

I was completely blown away when I first saw this Magnetic DressUpDoll, even more so when I found out it was a gift for his girlfriend’s birthday!  The artist, Markus Olhafen is a graphic designer based in Austria.  

“This personal project I did as a birthday present for my girlfriend. I remembered myself back to primary school, when we made small puppets out of cardboard which could be dressed with paper clothes. I thought a little bit about the idea and how it could be realised without using paper, because it doesn’t last long. So I came up with the idea of magnetic foil on which can be printed.”