I have been baby shower shopping and found these adorable nightlights by Egmont.  I have a natural affinity for mushrooms – so I instantly fell in love.  The above images are by Gaudete Kids, a great place to find things for the tiny people. If you’re interested in buying the nightlights, they are available at Smallable

is it done yet?

I’m always forgetting how long to steep my tea.  I am guilty of steeping too long – that’s why I was so happy to stumble across this image.  I’m a more visual person, so hopefully this will stick in my brain.
[image via imgfave ]


My boyfriend, Tim, has really gotten me into mixed media lately.  I recently came across these and thought they would look great framed and make a unique gift.  These affordable prints by Labokoff are an original photograph mixed digitally with a painting.