french chair domination

Floral prints are everywhere, but I fell in love with everything about this chair.  Sadly realizing I have no space, use, or money for this chair – I decided to use it as inspiration for this lovely spring outfit.  
[1. necklace  2. dress  3. ring  4. handbag  5. shoes  6. nail polish]

Weekend Getaway

Every weekend should be a three day weekend.  I escaped to the beach and had alittle too much fun feeding seagulls and transforming some shells into colorful art.  We painted these shells then scattered them over the beach to hopefully make someone’s day.  
[clockwise from top left: double rainbow, mackenzie childs’ check, watermelon, banana]
[photos by NYC HDR]

Hey Grandpa

So windy today! Tonight I was suppose to have dinner with my grandparents, but my grandpa cancelled because he didn’t want to get blown over.  Sad I won’t see him, but how cute is that?  P.S. I love this movie.

Feeling Springy

With rumors of temperatures hitting 60 degrees this week, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from this frigid winter.  Tangerine is a must have color this spring – and yes even on your lips!  Here’s a little inspiration to get some color back in your life.  I think I’ll be picking up number seven real soon.
 1. candleholders  2. wallet   3. bra   4. nail polish  5. necklace  6. dress  7. shoes  8. lipstick 
**update: The shoes (#7) will be in stores in about 2 weeks, but you can also pre-order them, like me 🙂

Table for Two

I have been on the lookout for a desk, my boyfriend is convinced I’m going to be a hunchback if I continue to sit on my bed and work on my laptop.  I thought this multipurpose table, from AHHA Project, was an amazing idea.  Dine & entertain guests then slide down the lightweight panels for an easy work space.  Definitely a genius idea for city dwellers.


I’m a huge Anthropologie fan.  I love the intricacy & nostalgia in their products and it’s easy to see in their latest project, BHLDN, a wedding boutique.  It just launched yesterday and I’m already loving the eye candy.  BHLDN “beholden” was inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep”.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Enjoy 🙂